ALMA Novice-User Workshop 2010

2010 November 20 and December 18


The University Consortium of ALMA-Taiwan (UCAT) is pleased to host one two-day workshop for novice ALMA users in Taiwan.

      The workshop, co-sponsored by ASIAA, is designed especially for graduate students and colleagues without (strong) radio or interferometer background. The workshop targets at layman users, and will introduce the functionality, capability and usefulness of ALMA on various sciences in astrophysics. This UCAT workshop is practically a prerequisite in preparation for more advanced ALMA user workshops to be held later by Taiwan ALMA Regional Center (Taiwan-ARC) of ASIAA.
The programs of the two ALMA Novice-User Workshops include:

Date and Venue
November 20 (Saturday): Rm S102 of the Research Building (教學研究大樓) on Shida's Science Campus (師大分部)
December 18 (Saturday): Rm 1203 of ASIAA on Taida campus.
Organizing Committee
Vivien Chen (NTHU)
Chorng-Yuan Hwang (co-Chair, NCU)
Yi-Jehng Kuan (co-Chair, NTNU)
Shih-Ping Lai (NTHU)
Chin-Fei Lee (ASIAA)
On-line registration for the 2nd-day workshop on Dec 18 is available at: .
Registration is free of charge. The registration deadline is December 12, 2010.
For questions and/or more information, please contact Ms. Mei-Ling Huang (黃美綾小姐) at

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Program (last updated on October 18, 2010)
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Novermber 20, 2010 Workshop documents

Topic Speaker/ Affiliation
Opening remark
Intoduction to ALMA Sheng-Yuan Liu/ ASIAA
Radio astronomy and Single-dish telescopes Yi-Nan Chin/ TKU
Introduction to interferometry  ( I & II) Chin-Fei Lee/ ASIAA
Galactic sources and the Solar System  (I & II) Yi-Jehng Kuan/ NTNU
Extragalactic astronomy Chorng-Yuan Hwang/NCU
Tools for ALMA Shigehisa Takakuwa/ ASIAA

December 18, 2010 Workshop documents

Topic Speaker/ Affiliation
Opening remark Nagayoshi Ohashi
Advanced concepts in interferometry Chin-Fei Lee/ ASIAA
Calibration of visibilities Shih-Ping Lai/ NTHU
Imaging Vivien Chen/ NTHU
Observing tool-demo(Lab I) Yu-Nung Su/ ASIAA
Observing tool-practice(Lab II) Alfonso Trejo-Cruz/ASIAA