§ 2011 UCAT Summer Student Program (USSP 2011) §

Announcement:  Calendar and lecture schedule

The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA - http://alma.asiaa.sinica.edu.tw) is the largest ground based astronomical project ever carried out. Led by a worldwide consortium, this new generation telescope will entitle us to unveil the origin of our Universe as well as the origin of Life.

The University Consortium of ALMA–Taiwan (UCAT - http://ucat.es.ntnu.edu.tw/tuCASA) is embarking to this unprecedented project and is inviting students to apply to the UCAT Summer Student program, where they will have the opportunity to lead unique groundbreaking research under the guidance of astronomers and prepare for the start of this experiment. Opportunity is open to about 10 students with preference given to the junior level or higher, and who are majoring in any scientific topic (physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and of course astronomy).

Students will attend a series of lecture designed for them during the first week of their internship, to introduce them to ALMA, Radio-astronomy, and the different possible subjects of research. Also, all students are required to give an oral report of their research project at the conclusion of the program, and to provide a written report suitable for the WEB.

The successful candidates will work at one of the Universities member of UCAT from 2011 July 11th (Mon) to September 9th (Fri). The salary is NT$20,000 per month. A brief description of the research projects offered can be found on the website (http://ucat.es.ntnu.edu.tw/tuCASA/USSP2011).

To apply, please fill out and send the registration form (http://ucat.es.ntnu.edu.tw/tuCASA/USSP2011/USSP2011application form.doc) to Ms. PJ Liu (peijuliu@ntnu.edu.tw) before April 20th (Wed). The applicants have to indicate on their application the project or projects of their greatest interest and provide for recommendation letters (at your option, up to two). Results will be announced on May 10th (Tue).

background image credited to ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)